Department of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines



Albert-Einstein-Str. 2, 18059 Rostock, Germany

The research orientation of the chair focuses on your traditional strengths such as research on the use of alternative fuels in internal combustion engines, laser-optical injection spray analyses and the analysis of emission-reducing measures on large and marine diesel engines. With current work in the areas of mixture formation (injection strategies), combustion process development, exhaust gas aftertreatment and development of thermodynamically based model functions for future engine control algorithms. The goal of the chair is to advance research in the field of combustion engines using renewable energy sources such as biodiesel or gas and to drastically minimize exhaust emissions. Another research focus is the optimization of the combustion behavior of large diesel engines in both gas and heavy oil operation.

Within the scope of the project, the LKV plans to further develop a medium-speed single-cylinder research engine (1M34DF) into a modular technology platform. In particular, the implementation of fundamental questions in a combined work method of experimental and simulative approach is a priority. The workflow required and to be developed for this purpose is regarded as a fundamental necessity for dealing with current and future issues, since the growing complexity of today’s energy conversion and propulsion concepts for ship propulsion can no longer be met by purely one-dimensional solution approaches. The high demand from the industry for access to such a development tool confirms the LKV to pursue the chosen path. Overall, the aim is to create an evaluation option for individual measures and subsystems at a very early stage of technology maturity. OEMs and the supplier industry will also benefit from this, since technology concepts that are unsuitable for solving technical problems can thus be excluded from the development process at an early stage and the potential of suitable variants can be realistically determined.