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Technology Evaluation for Marine Engines for GHG Targets 2030+


The project TEME2030+ serves to determine solutions for a maximum GHG reduction (= greenhouse gas, in particular CO2 and CH4) of current and future maritime gas engines under optimal use and system integration of the technologies and fuels that will be available on the market by 2030.

Under these boundary conditions, a reduction of GHG emissions by 35% is to be achieved in order to comply with the IMO Greenhouse Gas Directive, based on the state of the art for currently available dual-fuel engines.

Project Innovations

Medium- & high- pressure gas injection

reducing methane slip up to 90%

Increase in engine efficiency

up to 5% GHG-benefit

Addition of hydrogen into the base gas

Substitution of methane with hydrogen

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Start of TEME2030+

The joint project TEME2030+ was launched today. Over the next 4 years, the consortium consisting of 7 project partners will deal with topics related to

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